The Genie In You

The Genie in You

There’s a genie deep within you;
He’s been there from the start.
He’s not in some old dusty lamp;
He lives within your heart.

He’ll grant you all your wishes;
Make every dream come true;
For you alone command him–
He does what you say “Do!”.

You tell him through your feelings;
Not just through words you say;
For what you truly feel within
Sends genie on his way.

So when your thoughts are fearful,
Instead of full of faith,
He still must do your bidding;
He knows no other way.

For he can only give you
What you believe is true.
No matter what the Truth may be–
Life gives your truth to you.

Now since you know this genie
Has always obeyed you,
You also know why all your dreams
Have never all come true.

But now you know the way to make
Your every dream come true;
You know what all the sages knew–
That genie, friend, is you!

 Charles David Heineke, 1996

Some things to ponder on:

Are you walking towards the direction of your dreams or are you letting your fears dictate your next steps? What are you so afraid of?

Name them. Then, call on your divine team of angels and guides. Surrender it all to your team.  Your team is to serve you. Yes, you heard me they are here to SERVE YOU. So why not make use of them as much as you can.

 Imagine yourself handing over fears to your divine team of angels and guides and see them whisking them away into the magical and abundant universe which is here to support you.

In my experience, many of your fears are merely a construct of your mind…meaning you have made it up based on a number of different things such as cultural spells, pick them up from school, from work why not make your imagination work for you in a totally different way! set yourself free from the constructs of your mind!

Take some time today to reflect in silence. As you sit quietly,  take at least 3 deep breaths ( this connects you with your Spirit) and then ask yourself the following:

What is the one thing that I can do today to take a step forward towards my heart’s desires? 

Now comes the true test, will you TRUST and BELIEVE what you’ve heard from within and take action.


All you need to do today is take one small step forward and then continue to listen to your inner guidance as to the following steps

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E. M.

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