Intuitive Spiritual Coaching 


Coaching sessions are a great way to  get to know yourself on a more intimate level, to learn to listen to the voice of your heart more deeply and to reconnect with your Soul’s essence which lies within you.  You have wealth of wisdom that lies within you ….are you listening and acting upon it or choosing to ignore while you entertain and dance to the ideas/inspiration of others?  Perhaps you are tired of this and desire to give a voice to the yearnings that stir within you?

Are you ready to?

  • Feel more comfortable, confident and authentic in  your body and in all areas of your life?
  • Feel more radiant and vibrant?
  • Awaken and connect with your inner creative genius?
  • Listen to the voice of your heart and stop seeking the approval of others?
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you so that you may bask in your brilliance?


  • Feeling fabulous about you
  • Feeling vibrant and radiant
  • A fresh perspective on your life
  • Increased awareness of self that will assist you in making choices/decisions that resonate with your Soul’s essence
  • Easy practical tips, tools and guidance that can be implemented immediately
  • Recognition of patterns and limited behaviours


Interested in claiming your G (goddess) Power?

If so, coaching may be a perfect tool for you! 

How do I get started? 


A willingness and desire to honour the longings of your heart.  Coaching sessions are a great way to explore your inner realm, your inner dialogue with the objective of creating change and to explore from a new perspective.I will share with you practical, easy tools, tips and guidance that you can immediately implement into your current life situation. I infuse spiritual teachings, love, compassion and creativity in all sessions.  My objective is to empower and inspire you to make the changes necessary so that you may bask in your fabulousness and feel comfortable in your being so that your Spirit may soar!

Your life is your canvas…you are always creating…..if you don’t like what you are creating, you have the power within you to change it …to create anew….

Imagine, just for a moment that your life is a love letter to the Universe…..engaging moment by moment with your life……

  • How would you choose to show up?
  • What would you choose to inject moment by moment?
  • Would you choose to live purposefully ?
  • Would you let your baggage /life experiences get in the way or are you ready to finally let them go so that you may invite peace, love and compassion into your life?
  • Do you desire to feel incredibly alive or are you happy with the hum drum of life….moving forth at 100 miles an hour because you are stuck on the treadmill you call life?

Your fabulousness awaits you!  Will you DARE to claim it?


General Information


All  sessions are responsive to your needs and desires. I promise to give you my full attention for the duration of your sessions. In each session, you will receive intuitive guidance and insights; practical tools and tips; spiritual teachings; exercises and questions that will provide you an opportunity to explore your beliefs and to evolve from where you are.

What is required from you? 

  • A willingness and desire to change.
  • An open heart and mind
  • A readiness to think outside the box, to leave your comfort zone and to explore new things


I Double Dare you to be  Authentically You in a world that is constantly trying to tell you otherwise!

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