Are you seeking …. 

  • to Wake-up, play and blossom into the fabulous woman that you are?
  • guidance and insights as to your soul’s journey?
  • to discover, explore and embrace the Goddess that lies within you?
  • stand your own ground, feeling more confident and comfortable to express your uniqueness into the world
  • to rediscover your sexual passion?
  • to feel so incredibly alive that you are bursting with at the seems with joy, passion and excitement?
  • to get your sexy back?


  • Offers an array of services and will happily customize a coaching program just for you. She is deeply intuitive and hones in really quickly to the core of the issue
  • Provides a safe, loving, compassionate and sacred space to explore the depths of your emotions, dreams, ideas and/or perspectives.
  • Shares openly powerful tools, knowledge, wisdom, life strategies so that you may create and live a purposeful life.
  • Infuses spiritual teachings in most of her sessions for dancing the Divine is the most delicious and empowering dance of all
  • will help you to explore in a loving and compassionate environment what is holding you back while inspiring and empowering you to create your best life on your terms
  • will help you to discover, explore and embrace the power of the divine feminine in all aspects of your life
  • Assist you in unlocking your soul’s essence so that you may feel express your unique gifts and talents because there is no one else out there quite like you…so why not choose to shine!


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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can...

N. Hanson

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Diane Merpaw
Canada’s Goddess Coach