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In November I attended the I Can Do It conference held in Tampa. At this wonderful event, I purchased some oracle decks which I was guided to pick up. I so love them. I picked up the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms created by Colette Baron-Reid and The Psychic Tarot by John Holland. Both are amazing decks and can assist you by providing you guidance and insights with respects to all areas of your life. I have been using these decks daily since purchasing them. I am in awe of their accuracy and how insightful they are. They assist me to go in deeper and to become more fully aware of what is unfolding in my life. These decks are wonderful and powerful tools that are available to you for a minimal investment. Best of all they are fun too. There are a mixture of messages and some times when the message shared is not what we were hoping for or seeking. At that time,  we have a tendency to cringe, or may even want to keep drawing another card with the hope that we may get the answer we were hoping for. The cards provide the insights and guidance you need not what you want. Learn to embrace all cards no matter what the message may be for they are giving you insight into the depths of you. are you willing to explore? to see what may come your way? to see what is trying to emerge from within you? The oracle decks have been designed to assist you with connecting to the flow of the Divine synchronicity. The cards will reflect the issues that relate to your life that you may or may not be aware of. The cards will help you to make choices that are in line with your greatest and highest good.

Widson of the Hidden Realms – Colette Baron Reid. The cards were created by Colette as a result of the magical symbolism and images given to her in a series of dreams among the red rocks of spiritual Sedona, Arizona. Invoke the beings of the Hidden Realms to show you the way to the Divine path for your destiny.  More information as to how to use the deck and how it came to be may be found in the guidebook that accompanies the deck.

The Psychic Tarot – John Holland. What a fun oracle deck! Based on the traditional tarot deck, John created a deck consisting of 65 cards which incorporates the major arcana and the minor arcana. The minor arcana is divided into four categories: phsycial, emotions, mental and spirit. Each are colour coded (green, red, indigo, violet). Each category has nine cards numbered 1 to 9. they’re more representative of daily life than you traditional tarot deck. Incorporated into the design of the deck is numerology, colour and chakra cards. it’s an amazing deck and so simple to use.

I have played with a number of oracle decks over the years and the two noted above are the most amazing and some of the easiest to learn and play with. Please note that in my opinion the Wisdom of the Hidden Realm is a deck that goes deep and does provide you an opportunity to invoke the beings of the Hidden Realm to assist you on your path. Go forth with a deck that resonates most with you. Most of all simply have fun!

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"Thank you so much Diane for the love and support. I talk of the work you have done with me often when my family members ask how I've come to such a grounded perspective in life.  I hope your ears were burning with much love because I spoke often of you this weekend.  You have been a huge guiding light on my journey and for that I am tremendously grateful."


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"I feel so blessed to have passion and to have realized that my reality is a reflection of me and that I am the creator....Diane, you have shown me so many great things and I think of you daily.....your guidance and approach to empowering people and giving them tools and...

C. Hull

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