Dear Beautiful Heart, 

Important Note: This retreat has been created for the beautiful women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse

You are invited to a sacred oasis for the feminine where we meet our deepest essence.  We will gather in circle of conscious sisterhood where we will explore a sacred way of gathering as well as your unique creative expression. In this retreat, we tap into a no-mind by connecting with our own bodies and with each other, a truly nourishing and nurturing space for your body and soul. Together, we are creating a safe space where we can let go into the flow happening deeper than our personal stories honouring each other as divinity in form. 

In this Sacred Sanctuary, we will explore: 

Entering deeper into our bodies through dance, stretching, and free flow of movement. We practice respectful touch to nourish each other and bring even more presence with our bodies, as we also cultivate a deeper trust in our body’s boundaries and signals. 

Creating beauty and connection through free expression of our feelings through bodily, voice expression and painting.

Recognizing and honouring each woman’s beauty, gifts and most true expression, essence and soul colour. Mirroring and celebrating each other. 

Tapping into the rich, deep tapestry of the wisdom and beauty of your heart and learning to listen deeply to its impulses and guidance. 

You will leave the weekend with: 

  • A strengthening of your connection to your own heart’s wisdom and beauty 
  • A connection to a new kind of sisterhood 
  • Feeling deeply nourished and nurtured 
  • A new way of tapping into your body’s innate wisdom and impulses
  • Feeling radiant and connected to your own powerful feminine essence 
  • A deepening of your connection to your Self 
  • Opening to your unique creative expression that has the potentiality to transform some of your wounds into delicious morsels of love 

This creative and experiential weekend is for: 

  • Women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse as a child and desire to be in the world in a new way 
  • Women desiring to commit to being a disciple of their hearts rather than be slave to the slippery workings of the mind 
  • Women desiring to be in their bodies rather than be in their heads
  • Women desiring to let go of the armour of sexual shame, anger, guilt and unworthiness and choose instead to dress themselves in the most exquisite beautiful dress of love 
  • Women longing to come home to themselves in a new heartfelt way 
  • Women interested in exploring a new way to heal and transform their stories 
  • Women desiring to be in sisterhood and to heal the wounds related to sisterhood
  • Women craving to be nourished and nurtured 
  • Women desiring to get in touch with their innate and natural creative essence
  • Women open to receiving and giving nurturing, nourishing and respectful  touch 
  • Women interested in getting in touch with their voice 

Just so you Know : 

This weekend is not therapy nor a replacement for therapy. As well, if you are in the midst of a life crisis of sorts , this retreat is not for you at this moment in time. I wrap you up in a warm compassionate blanket of love and send you healing blessings for your journey. 

If you have a strong resistance to respectful and nourishing touch, this weekend retreat is not right for you. Please honour your truth. 

Please abstain from alcohol and recreational /illicit drugs for the weekend retreat. The exception of course is medicine prescribed by your family doctor.

Investment : 
This is a small intimate retreat so that I may give my full attention to the women who answered the call to be in circle for this weekend retreat. Thus , I am only accepting 10 women into the weekend retreat. You can SAVE $ 100 if you register by Sunday, September 15th at midnight. Your investment for this experiential all inclusive retreat is only $ 397.00. After September 15th, the price for the retreat is $ 497. Payment plans are available upon request. Please send your e transfer to  Please note that you may get a note from your banking institution that may inform you that the amount has been  automatically been deposited into my account. From my heart to yours, warm thanks. 

Dear Beautiful Heart, if you know of a sister who could truly benefit of this retreat yet is unable to take advantage of it because of her current financial circumstances, please send me an email: or call me at 613.270-0267 so that we can explore how we can make this happen for her.   

Cancellation Policy : 

If you cancel within 30 days of the retreat (September 18th) you are eligible for a full refund minus an administration fee of $ 25. There will be No refunds after September 18th, unless you are able to find someone to take your place in the circle. So please before signing up make sure that this feels right for you. Check in with your heart and trust its guidance.

Unfolding of the weekend: 

Retreat beings on friday night, October 18th at 7pm until 9:30pm.  Doors open at 6:30pm. We will reconnect on Saturday and Sunday , beginning at 9:30am and our days will end at at 5pm. This weekend is deep and may stir things up within you. thus,I recommend that you keep the weekend open and not book yourself up with anything in the evenings. You are invited to continue to nurture your self in your own way at home or wherever you choose to spend your weekend. 

What is included in the fee:

All creative supplies and materials for the weekend. 

Lunch will be served both days as well as snacks, coffee and tea. You will take home a canvas with you. 

Where will the retreat be held? 

It will be held in the Sanctuary of my home located in Kanata. Address provided upon paid registration.


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