Are you tired of your resolutions flailing away like a leaf in the wind? A few years ago, I gave up creating resolutions and began this new more organic process of choosing one word that I would focus on for the year.  I am in awe of the energy this word sets forth in the world. This past year I worked with the following : love- getting drunk on love is what I chose as a theme for 2018. My edges are softer. I have found greater compassion for myself. I have been shown where I have had some barriers to letting love in. Small miracles happened when I chose to focus on love rather than fear. I did experience some incredibly difficult moments this past year, yet, love was always present.

In this one day playshop, I would love to share my process with you. We will celebrate successes. We will look at what didn’t work. We will release what no longer serves us. We will choose a word for the year …perhaps two if that is where you feel guided . 

You will be invited to create a one page poster, as well as a power pose and an affirmation, a song or poem that will support the energy of your 2019 word. 

Join me for a day of fun and play. Let’s co create some magic together for the 2019 year. 

When: Saturday January 12, 2019

Time: 10 am to 4pm

Investment: $ 147.00

Where: 40 Vanstone drive, Kanata, On

Includes: snacks, coffee, tea, light lunch and all painting materials


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