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Are you tired of your resolutions flailing away like a leaf in the wind? A few years ago, I gave up creating resolutions and began this new more organic process of choosing one word that I would focus on for the year.  I am in awe of the energy this word sets forth in the world. This past year I worked with the following : love- getting drunk on love is what I chose as a theme for 2018. My edges are softer. I have found greater compassion for myself. I have been shown where I have had some barriers to letting love in. Small miracles happened when I chose to focus on love rather than fear. I did experience some incredibly difficult moments this past year, yet, love was always present.

In this one day playshop, I would love to share my process with you. We will celebrate successes. We will look at what didn’t work. We will release what no longer serves us. We will choose a word for the year …perhaps two if that is where you feel guided . 

You will be invited to create a one page poster, as well as a power pose and an affirmation, a song or poem that will support the energy of your 2019 word. 

Join me for a day of fun and play. Let’s co create some magic together for the 2019 year. 

When: Saturday January 12, 2019

Time: 10 am to 4pm

Investment: $ 147.00

Where: 40 Vanstone drive, Kanata, On

Includes: snacks, coffee, tea, light lunch and all painting materials

You can pay via PAYPAL



Scars to your Beautiful 

When: Saturday , February 2, 2019

Time: 10 am to 4pm

Investment: $ 147.00 

You can pay via PAYPAL

Where: 40 Vanstone drive, kanata, ON

Includes: all painting materials, snacks, coffee, tea and light lunch 

Are you ready to turn the page on some of your emotional wounds? Are you ready to let go of shame, guilt, judgement ? What would it feel like to finally let go of old wounds and create a new story?  You can do so with paint!  No painting experience needed. All you need is an open heart and open mind with a desire to let go and to create anew. 

In a circle we will dive in,  transform them with paint and celebrate as well as welcome a new way of being with our wounds. Wounds are our teachers if we choose to allow them to play this role. They do not need to define us, stop us or block up from being who we are. All too often though in my personal and professional experience some of us have been known to give wounds way too much power !!!!! When we do so, they can surely create some chaos and lead to more suffering. So dear one, if you are ready to turn the page on old wounds, come and play here with me. I promise you will be given some new and powerful tools to play and transform them.

The painting above is a recent painting of transforming my scars into beautiful. I did this painting in a one on one retreat with a client of mine. It was truly a magical experience for both of us. This painting is called: Still, I Rise. Beneath the heart and wings are some of my old stories that I chose to let go of with some paint and a brush. This painting process shifted something within me and I feel more alive and confident. 



Awakening The Goddess Within 

When: February 23 and 24, 2109

Time: 10 am to 4pm both days

Investment: $ 247 

Pay via Paypal

Where: 40 Vanstone Drive, Kanata, On

What’s included: snacks, coffee, tea , painting supplies, brushes and a canvas. You get to take your canvas home with you. 

Max. 10 Goddesses 

To me, every woman is a Goddess. The honouring of the sacredness within you begins with you, dear beautiful soul.  In this two day playshop you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the Goddess that lives within you. She is so ready to be unleashed so she may be free to live life on her terms. She is yearning to share her brilliance and wisdom with you.

This playshop is for you if you are seeking to:

connect more deeply with the deep wisdom and brilliance within you

feel more confident and radiant in your life

Fuel your aliveness

Explore your creative self and the gifts that lie within you

Affirm your unique sovereignty in this world

This is an intentional creativity playshop where with intention you will dare to play with paint and brushes. No painting experience needed as I will guide you step by step through the creative process. You do not need to be an artist though if you are one, you are most welcomed. This painting process is really potent and magical in so many ways as it opens the door for you to explore your inner world. You will leave with a beautiful painting of your Inner Goddess that you can hang in your office.  It is fun, scary and deeply insightful.

Will you dare to play and discover the Goddess within ?


There are no refunds. You though can apply the fee to another upcoming playshop or a private coaching session. 



Luscious Woman

A play day to Awaken Your Feminine Power

When: Saturday, March 30, 2019
Where: RA Centre, Ottawa, ON 

Within each women lies the essence of a Goddess awaiting to be awakened and unleashed so she may express her true self in the world. Do you yearn to connect with your aliveness? Do you desire to stop seeking approval from others?  Do you desire to create a life on your terms? Do you desire to call in more pleasure into your life? Do you desire to be in a sacred circle of sisterhood? Do you crave to reconnect with your creativity? Do you crave to say yes to the yearnings of your heart ?  If so, this experiential play day is right for you !

In our sacred time together, you will 

  • Explore how to connect more fully and confidently with your feminine power 
  • Connect and nourish the Goddess essence within you 
  • Learn to connect more deeply with your body 
  • Give a voice to your longings 
  • Ignite the fire within
  • Laugh, possibly cry and make connections with other beautiful Goddesses 
  • Explore what your relationship is with pleasure

You will leave with: 

  • Practical tools to create a daily Goddess practice
  • Greater connection to your inner wisdom 
  • Feeling more connected to you aliveness from this love fest 

Will you dare to say YES to you, to your longings, to what brings you pleasure? 

I am so excited and so looking forward to exploring this decadent play day with you. Feel free to Invite a girlfriend to join your for the day or come find some new friends to play with. 

This sacred circle is gathering on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the RA Centre , Ottawa, On. 

Early bird pricing: $ 99 before Feb 14th, 2019. 

Regular price ticket is $ 119. 



Lunch is on your own.

The Temple opens at begins at 9am and closes at 4pm. 

Stepping into your feminine power is a precious and priceless gift you can give to your Self and the World. You unique expression of aliveness in so needed. 

Questions: email or call me at 613.270.0270 


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