Day 40 -My gift today

This is day 40 of my Year of Miracles. Things are shifting in such a beautiful way. It’s truly amazing the power of a prayer and what it can do for one’s life. In case you are just joining me now, I have made a promise to myself and to God to document my journey using the ancestral clearing healing modality in my personal and professional life. 

I used the peacemaking process with a few clients today. It was beautiful to witness them come to a place of greater peace within them. I though will say there were times when my wonderful yet very active mind was seeking more as way of signs. though , honestly, I am not sure what signs I was looking for. The mind is incredibly powerful and loves to create stories and most I am learning do not serve us other than to remind us when we are disconnected from Source. After pondering the unfolding of my day, I realized that the very fact that the clients felt more peaceful and that there energy has shifted, that that was more than enough. Who am I to tell God how to do his/her job?

My miracle, my gift today, is that I came to know within that I have been trying to control how things unfold in my life rather than surrendering to what is before me. This was a clear as water for me today.  So the story goes like this, I am sitting at a red light on some side street here in Ottawa. Five minutes goes by , more cars lined up behind me, one in front of me and the light is still red. I am growing impatient by the minute though there is this groundedness and peacefullness within , I am restless and want to move so that I can get home to my family. I get out of my car press the walk button on the light post, hoping this will prompt it , in a hurry no less, to change. Nope…no immediate effects. We are all still waiting for what seems like forever. I then choose to turn my car around and find a different way to my end destination. As I drive away from the light at which I was at for what seemed like forever, it turns green. So I have just added a few more minutes to my drive. As I am making my detour, I am aware of this voice within me, the wise one , telling me , can you see a pattern here? You have acted this way in many aspects of your life, especially in your spiritual path and that of your business. letting impatience lead the way and making decisions that were not always for your greatest and highest good. Rather than surrender and simply be present, awaiting for the guidance from spirit as asked, you chose to take control of the situation when none was needed. What you needed to do was to simply get out of your own way and trust the process! I laughed! this revelation was timely and perfect . I knew deep within me that it was true. I felt incredibly loved in that moment and deeply supported in my spiritual journey of returning home to my true essence, that which is divine (light and love).  funny, how when we are truly open, the learnings that come to us. I am so grateful for this huge ah ha moment in my life!

I do believe that I was able to receive this incredible learning today because I have been practicing daily the forgiveness prayer offered by John Newton. His process is all about clearing , unravelling the stories that do not serve us. Each day I am feeling more peaceful, more grounded and know that I am loved. The  self doubt and inner critic has taken a hiatus. Amen!  I can see more clearly the presense of God, source, infinite intelligence in my life. Daily, I ask God, to let me see, feel, know the presence. I also ask daily for god to show me where the miracle is for me , today. Remember, a miracle can be as simple as a shift in perception.

What are the miracles you are experiencing in your life today?


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"I feel so blessed to have passion and to have realized that my reality is a reflection of me and that I am the creator....Diane, you have shown me so many great things and I think of you daily.....your guidance and approach to empowering people and giving them tools and showing them that they are the ones doing the work has truly changed my life."

C. Hull

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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can...

N. Hanson

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