Dance like nobody’s watching

good morning to all…..I received this you tube video from my husband yesterday …it entertained me, and inspired me to share it with you ….she the beautiful woman in the video s is a goddess in my eyes.  Because,  she dared to do something most people wouldn’t dare doing…dancing her little heart out at the Los Angeles Airport…..She simply did her thing, seemed to be enjoying herself fully…..I was totally fascinated by her and the lack of reaction of the people around her… one dared to engage with her….she attempted in her own little creative way…they just stood there…..they all stood there…a few smiled at  her or who knows what they were thinking….as she lost her marbles perhaps?  She is totally having fun….totally out there…totally daring…totally goddess like for me…..

so here s a little goddess dare for you….what will you to today that is out of your box? out of your comfort zone? perhaps, you will not dance in an airport …that is totally ok because that is not for everyone….dare to do something different today…dare to have some fun….dare to be you in a world that is constantly telling you not to be so……remember, have fun…be playful, be creative…Step into that goddess that lies within you…..awaiting for you to awaken her from her slumber.  so here is the YOu tube videa….entitled…dance like nobody’s watching….LAX airport.

the love in me salutes the love in you

Diane aka…goddess of love!

spiritual teacher/coach


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"Diane has been an incredible support during a pivotal time in my life.   She exudes integrity and creates a space that is safe, nurturing and healing.  I trust the wisdom, intuition and healing Diane incorporates into her work.  Her unique abilities and incredible gift weaves healing and spirituality with creativity by using a broad range of modalities.  I particularly appreciate the way she engages me in the process.  Diane is a powerful, creative, authentic woman.  It has been a profoundly healing journey.  I know I will be reaping the benefits of our work together for a long time to come."

E. M.

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"Thank you so much Diane for the love and support. I talk of the work you have done with me often when my family members ask how I've come to such a grounded perspective in life.  I hope your ears were burning with much love because I spoke often of...


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