Celebrate the gift of you!

good morning my beautiful Goddesses

My wish for you today is that you will choose to find creative ways to celebrate your magnificent self! There are countless ways to do so. Perhaps, celebrating yourself may seem a little foreign to you or may sound simply selfish or maybe you simply, how the heck do I do that and why do so….

Why not do so. Many women take it upon themselves to celebrate others or to mark occasions for the special people in their lives. This comes really naturally for some women, often at the expense of themselves. Often feeling likes its their responsibility to do so, because if they didn’t do so, then who would! oh, what an intersting question to explore…what if you didn’t do it just this one time, would the world fall apart….I don’t believe so…maybe it would inpsire someone else to step in or maybe it just happens to be a quiet moment rather than a stressed filled moment to make sure everything is perfect.

Celebrating ourselves may seem like such a foreign concept because I believe we , as women, have been conditioned to play down our best assets. Men for some reason seem to have a much easier time to do so, though not always because many of them have been hypnotized into believing that we are not meant to really embrace our awesomeness as a human being. The very fact that you are here on this earth is a gift in and of itself. How quickly we have forgotten  that our very existence, our very life is a gift. Many of us, if not most of us take it for granted, meaning we get on with our lives each and every day making the huge assumption that we will be back at it tomorrow. What if for a moment you thought you took the time to ponder: what if I am not here tomorrow? how would you choose to live your life today? in this moment? would you choose to bask in love ? bask in your silliness or would you be totally miserable and bring this attitude to all that you are doing. Yes, we all have messes in our lives. My mess is no better or greater than yours…it just is….I know what my mess is , more or less, however, I don’t choose to infect the rest of the world with it. I choose to be with it, to move with it, to love it and trust that all is as it is meant to be at this moment in time.

Celebrating self…how would one do so? well I believe there are endless ways to do so….simply use your imagination and …then take action. Yes, you are worthy of celebrating you. You can start with a list of all the things you love most about yourself….each day take the time to list at least 5 things that you love about yourself….maybe you will dance to some of your favourite tunes in the kitchen while you are getting dinner ready or while your partner prepares dinner….maybe you take some time off work, and go for a walk in the woods to be in nature…maybe it s going to the dollar store in your neighborhood and going down the children’s aisle and pick up a few items or more to simply play like bubbles, stickers, colouring book ….a yoyo…..a holahoop….perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve not bought that special bottle of wine that you love so much….don t wait for that special occasion….buy it now, pour yourself a delicious glass and simply be with it…feel it texture in your mouth….enjoy the act of just being in the moment….maybe , add a chocolate truffle or two and there you go….making your heart sing.

don’t wait for a special day to celebrate yourself, today is as special as any other day…so why not give yourself permission to celebrate you!

here’s a toast to you….be your goddess self today and celebrate the gift of being you!


the love in me honours the love in you



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"I feel so blessed to have passion and to have realized that my reality is a reflection of me and that I am the creator....Diane, you have shown me so many great things and I think of you daily.....your guidance and approach to empowering people and giving them tools and showing them that they are the ones doing the work has truly changed my life."

C. Hull

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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can...

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