Wake up ~ Play ~ Blossom

“We are never fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply  engrossed in anything than when we are at play.”  ~ Charles E Schaefer I was inspired by the divine mystery to start my days differently. For you see, my normal routine is wake up, snuggle with my man for 10 to 15 min...

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Gratitude Love Project

It’s been a while since I’ve last touch base with you. I hope that all is well with you. I thank you for your patience,understanding and your continued loyalty. For me, December is a time of reflection as the year is quickly coming to a close. Amidst this busy festive season, I encourage you to carv...

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One Love, One Heart

This week’s newsletter is inspired by Bob Marley’s song; One Love, One Heart which I heard for the very first time when I was in Jamaica recently. I do believe we are all connected and that we are all special and unique.  We are one heart, one love- all a big part of the human family. We are love. Y...

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The Key Is Love

In my earlier years, I defined success by the status of my professional career and the things I had achieved and obtained in my personal life. But within me, a deep stirring rumbled beneath the surface − I did not know what it signified. Yet it scared me. This feeling never really left me; I would g...

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Accepting responsibility

Accepting responsibility for our actions, our inactions , our words, our thoughts, our fears is important. We have all been given an opportunity to create a most amazing life. Every moment of every day, each of us, has been presented with so many choices. Some choices are better for us others may be...

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Featured Testimonial

"Diane has been an incredible support during a pivotal time in my life.   She exudes integrity and creates a space that is safe, nurturing and healing.  I trust the wisdom, intuition and healing Diane incorporates into her work.  Her unique abilities and incredible gift weaves healing and spirituality with...

E. M.

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Diane Merpaw
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