Are you willing to be Brave to listen to your heart, to your spirit?

“All it takes is finding the bravery to be true to what’s in your heart and in your spirit.  It’s not always easy (that’s the brave part) but is wonderfully simple.”  Jamie Ridler

I love this quote…it is simple yet incredibly powerful. Are you being true to your heart? To your Spirit?  Your spirit is your soul’s essence and it’s important to know her/him well and let him/her shine as brilliantly as she can. Your spirit lies deep within you…it is you…the very core of you… you let your Spirit shine through or do you put a mask on it…afraid of showing others who you truly are for fear they may judge or reject it? Do the opinion of others sway you ….meaning, you put more importance on their words, thoughts and perceptions rather than searching your own heart to discover what is innately yours to begin with.

We are all similar in some ways yet unique ourselves in that regards also….it’s that uniqueness that is meant to shine in your own special way. I recently heard a story about a woman who loves to paint ….a way for her Spirit to express herself. She expresses herself uniquely in her paintings meaning that she is not painting landscapes or something that we may recognize per say. Her expressive gift is uniquely hers….what shows up on paper is not found in the mainstream art route. Therein lies the problem for some..usually those who see the piece of art through their eyes and judge it accordingly.

She can and does paint what would be considered acceptable mainstream art by society yet, her soul, her unique expression of who she is, is not the mainstream art. Yet, her family members like the mainstream stuff and dislike her unique expression of her art. This unique expression of her art flows naturally for her and one can easily tell this when seeing it…there is a different energy to this piece of art.

However, she continuously tries to force herself to go against what flows naturally to her because she is not getting the acceptance on some level that she is seeking on some level with her unique expression of art. Stop seeking the acceptance of others on your journey. You are the best authority on you. Self- acceptance is so important….why question how your spirit wishes to express itself?…why not let it out of its cage, and let her soar freely to express herself in the way that seems so  natural to her ? why do the opinion of others matter so much to you?  the opinion of others is simply that. It belongs to them and is based on a number of different factors including the total of their life experiences thus far, their beliefs, some of which I am are likely limiting in some way….and their perceptions.

Let your Spirit express himself/herself in her unique way.  How do you know…it flows simply, easily and you honestly don’t have to work at it really hard….when you do it to “conform” it does not flow as well…if you pay attention to what is going on within you at the time you are expressing yourself…if you are going against the flow, you can so feel the resistance within you…stop then…ask your Spirit where it wants to go…and follow it….

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"Thank you so much Diane for the love and support. I talk of the work you have done with me often when my family members ask how I've come to such a grounded perspective in life.  I hope your ears were burning with much love because I spoke often of you this weekend.  You have been a huge guiding light on my journey and for that I am tremendously grateful."


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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can...

N. Hanson

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