Are you following your inner guidance ?

It is my belief that we all have  personal GPS built within us. the question is do you listen to it? to you trust it? will you take action when inspired? Yes, it is totally possible to miss the inspiration because we are to busy with our hectic schedules getting from point a to b…for what I am not totally sure but many make it a priority to fill, overfill their schedules with stuff….lots and lots of stuff……so if your life, your mind is filled with lots of stuff, lots of noise, how do you believe you will be able to hear the voice that whispers guidance to you? Get off the treadmill of life, spend more time in nature or ensure to take quiet moments each day to clear the clutter from your schedule and /or your mind.

Yesterday,  I was experiencing a particular emotional morning. it seemed to have come out of now where and I questioned things…totally carried away with the wave of fear….it can be tough to move beyond it …but with perseverance and patience…ride the wave so to speak ….this too shall pass! in the midst of journalling about what was going on within me, i received guidance to take next week off and focus writing my first book. I have a few pages written but that’s all at the moment…a far cry from a full book. I intended to write this week, however, I got carried away with other seemingly important priorities. when the inspiration came , i first thought to myself….really? how will this pay my rent that is due in February? how about my clients? they need me…what if I m not there?  I sat with the idea for much of the day …..and I took the leap of faith and have chosen to follow the guidance….it was a really strong feeling that I needed to do this. So , I went to my online calendar and booked the week off….to write…..taking deep breaths and saying to spirit this better be good! I kept  reminding myself, I trust…I trust…though I don’t know why it’s showing up now and it’s certainly not what I had planned for next week, I chose to go with it. once I did so, I felt incredibly good, incredibly free….Spirit has always guided me in love and on path….though my ego mind doesn’t seem to like it and would love to question it more, I told it to lay off and let me do it this way…

Journalling is truly a powerful tool to help me acknowledge emotions and to work thru them…..somehow when I put it on paper, I am able to make better sense of it and I don’t get so caught up on the hamster wheel in my head that just seems to be on the endless spin cycle! it allows me to express it without judgement…to freely share…journalling is truly freeing, liberating, healing…..a great tool in helping me make sense when the world around me seems to be chaotic…though it really isn’t chaotic…it’s my mind that has created that belief because it get stuck occasionally in a self pity mode which does not serve me nor the greater good of all.

when things arise that seem to throw you off so to speak…take a few deep breaths…reconnect with your heart centre . Give yourself permission to feel all of your emotions..yes , you will stop crying at some point….crying is truly healing….let the tears flow…release , breathe and know the sun always shines… the guidance coming to you as fleeing moments of inspiration….sit with it if you feel you must….take inspired action step to support /action the guidance.  spirit always leads you to your path…to fully expressing your authentic self….TRUST and BELIEVE….TRUST AND BELIEVE!





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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can apply to other areas of my life and of my self.  Through her mastery of tools like hypnosis, energy work, NLP and intuitive counselling, she gently guides me to discover my truth and my authentic self.  For all of this, I am tremendously grateful."

N. Hanson

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"Diane has been an incredible support during a pivotal time in my life.   She exudes integrity and creates a space that is safe, nurturing and healing.  I trust the wisdom, intuition and healing Diane incorporates into her work.  Her unique abilities and incredible gift weaves healing and spirituality with...

E. M.

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