A little about my story

On the outside looking in, I was leading an almost picture perfect life, like the ones projected in the movies.  I had greathealth, a loving, loyal & devoted husband, two healthy children, a good paying job with fabulous benefits, a new home, new cars, some travelling etc.  Yet within, I was miserable and I felt disconnected from many aspects of my life. I was often riddled with feelings of loneliness and emptiness. Many times asking myself in the solitude of my mind, is this all there is to life? However, every day I put on my happy good girl mask to fool the world around me, including myself. I deeply hungered for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Most of all, I was tired of lying to myself and so wanted to live life on my terms.

Alone with my thoughts, I often would think about the following: 

  • Was it wrong to ask for more or something different when I had already so much?
  • Was I selfish for seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful life when I know that many people looking from the outside may have been somewhat envious and would in a moments notice switch places with me?
  • Was it asking to much when I deeply craved a deeper intimate connection with my husband and with my career?

Within me raged a storm and I had no clue where to begin….

One day amidst the raging storm brewing within, I strummed up a huge heap of courage and said to my husband that I needed to make changes in my life. Scared of the unknown, I took the plunge into a new way of being. The first thing I did was give notice to my employer and I left my very comfortable and secure job with the Public Service. Next, I hired a life coach to help me discern what was going on as well as to help me to figure out what to do when I grow up. As I meandered on my journey to discovering and claiming my authentic self, I delved deeper into my spirituality and began to consciously dance with the gifts of the divine feminine. A luscious and full journey it has been.

Along the way, I discovered that: 

  • the path of spirituality led me to embrace and fall in love with me…..
  • if you choose to dance consciously with the divine feminine, she will change your life
  • we need to nurture, listen and act upon the feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, collaboration, harmony etc
  • our sexuality is meant to be explored, embraced and most definitely celebrated
  • vulnerability is incredibly beautiful and powerful
  • love can transform any situation
  • healing our inner wounds (trauma, limiting stories and beliefs) will lead to you basking in love
  • creativity is a life force that will propel you forward in ways unbeknownst to you
  • you can live life on your terms
  • leading a juicy and sensual life permeated with pleasure is our birthright

And this is just the beginning…..there is so much more.


  • Certified Professional Sex Coach- The first in Canada
  • Clinical Sexology Certification
  • Sexual Attitudes Re-assessment and Re-structuring training
  • The ISIS Network- Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy
  • The ISIS Network- Women’s Sexual Stories: Healing the Wounds, Celebrating the Joys
  • Accredited trainer – Behavioral Studies- Level 1 with Personality Insights Institute
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist (Miscellaneous as well as specialized training in sexual concerns) ; transpersonal hypnosis
  • Practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • Reiki Master & Kundalini Reiki Master

Wake-up your Feminine Power 

Diane, Canada’s Goddess Coach, is inviting you to consciously dance with the Divine Feminine on a daily basis.

Deep within lies the way of the feminine.  If you dare to accept the invite, she will transform your life into a delicious buffet of pure scrumptiousness!  Ready to lead a more meaningful life …let’s get started


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"Diane has been an incredible support during a pivotal time in my life.   She exudes integrity and creates a space that is safe, nurturing and healing.  I trust the wisdom, intuition and healing Diane incorporates into her work.  Her unique abilities and incredible gift weaves healing and spirituality with...

E. M.

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Diane Merpaw
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