Let’s talk about sex!

Recently, I’ve read a book  called the Heart and Soul of  Sex by Dr Gina Ogden. Dr. Gina is a sex therapist and a researcher and has worked with thousands of women over the years. This beautiful book is in part a celebration for women. It messages are essenatially about helping us understand a...

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Dare you embrace your sexual diva?

Sexuality is a topic often see as provocative and many times as taboo. Why is that?  We are often bombarded with messages in the media about sex….commercials created with scantily clad women in the hopes this will seduce a potential buyer into buying their product. Does it work, my guess is ye...

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You are beautiful no matter what they say!

hello lovely ones today’s blog has been inspired by a moment that I witnessed last evening while watching So You Think You Can Dance!  for those of you who may not be aware of the premise of the show, it provides an opportunity for youth to show off their dancing skills and hopefuly make it to...

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Winds are changing

good morning the winds are changing and life once again is bringing forth some new life experiences. Though when these show up, many of us experience so many different emotions. It’s ok to feel the emotions , all of them. we do not have to hide behind them. In our culture , I find many have be...

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Dress your spirit!

for the last little bit, I have been observing the world at large and how some women are showing up in it.  Based on this little project I gave myself, I realized that many women would seem to just get dressed in the morning, putting what would seem little forethought in the outfit they chose. Now,...

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Are you happy with your body?

Our bodies are our sacred vessels that we have been blessed with in this lifetime. Many of us have had some challenges graciously accepting our bodies because we feel on some level that it needs to look a certain way or be a certain size. We are constantly bombarded by messages about beauty, and how...

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Sex Matters- is your sexuality something you turn on or off like a tap?

Recently, a mentor of mine recommended that I read Sex Matters  for Women – A complete guide to taking care of your sexual self. I’m only a few chapters in and I am learning so much about myself, about women and our relationship with sexuality. isn’t interesting that it is somethin...

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Exploring – the gift that keeps on giving!

Exploring is so much fun! It’s amazing what you will discover about yourself and about others when you simply allow yourself to explore! In my private practice, I often will invite my clients to try something new- to explore! Many times, this is met with some resistance! What do you mean explo...

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"Thank you so much Diane for the love and support. I talk of the work you have done with me often when my family members ask how I've come to such a grounded perspective in life.  I hope your ears were burning with much love because I spoke often of...


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