Yes, You are amazing!

Recently , at a cocktail party where we were celebrating 9 amazing women who were finalist in the Women Business Network’s Business of the Year awards, I witnessed a touching moment. The evening was organized by the Gala committee for which I am a member of! Our objective was to create a speci...

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Celebrate the gift of you!

good morning my beautiful Goddesses My wish for you today is that you will choose to find creative ways to celebrate your magnificent self! There are countless ways to do so. Perhaps, celebrating yourself may seem a little foreign to you or may sound simply selfish or maybe you simply, how the heck...

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Dancing in the body

A few weeks ago, I had a privated dance class with a beautiful teacher, Steffi Retzlaff! She teaches a few kinds of dance classes, one called Nia , the other called soul Motion. I approached her with regards to Soul Motion. It s a most amazing dance free of choreography! It has four components, inti...

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What do you see in the mirror?

Yesterday, I met with one of my mentors who is helping me to step into my power as a business woman. the last 5 years or so has surely been a most interesting journey of ebbs and flows , of questioning , of questing, of great learning. I have met some incredible people whom have changed my life and...

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Love After Love

  Last week at the evening with Oprah, she shared this beautiful poem which I have cherish since the time she has shared in O magazine several years ago. Soemthing about it just spoke to me…and still speaks to me. You are the most precious gift there is and I believe, some how, some where...

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You become what you believe!

good morning my Goddesses The other evening as I sat in the presence of Oprah, I was reminded of many important life messages. I love the way God does so …sometimes, in a subtle way, other times, it’s like a big neon sign flashing….grabbing my attention and saying are you hearing t...

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God is calling you!

good morning last night , I went to see Oprah at the Scotiabank in Ottawa. It was such a beautiful evening. firstly, I manifested a ticket to this awesome event filled with several thousand women who look to Oprah as a teacher, mentor and guide. I remember telling God, I would love to see Oprah, how...

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Live in the Magic! April 2013 Newsletter

Spring is a perfect time to open your hearts to receive love and blessings bestowed upon you by our ever abundant universe. I recently came back from Ojai, California. this trip changed my life in so many ways. It was filled with many magical and mystical moments, so many in fact, that I can only to...

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feel it…acknowledge it…release it

hello beautiful ones… it has been a while since we have last touched base in this way. I am truly sorry …It’s been a whirlwind of activities. well , here I am. My journey is all about teaching others to embrace their authentic selves…helping them to tap into their inner godde...

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Featured Testimonial

"I feel so blessed to have passion and to have realized that my reality is a reflection of me and that I am the creator....Diane, you have shown me so many great things and I think of you daily.....your guidance and approach to empowering people and giving them tools and...

C. Hull

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