Divination tools

In November I attended the I Can Do It conference held in Tampa. At this wonderful event, I purchased some oracle decks which I was guided to pick up. I so love them. I picked up the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms created by Colette Baron-Reid and The Psychic Tarot by John Holland. Both are amazing dec...

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Accepting responsibility

Accepting responsibility for our actions, our inactions , our words, our thoughts, our fears is important. We have all been given an opportunity to create a most amazing life. Every moment of every day, each of us, has been presented with so many choices. Some choices are better for us others may be...

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Following our hearts

Why does it seem so difficult for us to follow our hearts? is it because we have a hard time hearing its whispers? is it because we are afraid that we will not be supported by our loved ones? Ar we afraid of rejection?  The other day a friend of mine called me to share that he was thinking of changi...

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Trusting your intuition

Intuition is a six sense we all have, however, many of us choose not to acknowledge it or even recognize that we have it. Why? Not really sure. One of the reasons may be that we don’t recognize what intuition looks or feels like.  In my experience, what I have come to realize is that is so ind...

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I want to know what love is

Yesterday, this beautiful song was playing on the radio while I was heading to an appointment.  I have heard this song so many times over the years, yet , yesterday it sounded different and the lyrics drew me in like a spell. The words of this song really resonated with me. why today? why now? what...

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Choose love, not fear

I was in Tampa last week at the I Can Do It Conference – a Hay House Event that brings together many of their authors to share their wisdom with us. At the conference, I met some my mentors/ teachers who spoke on topics that really resonated with me.  What really made an impact on me was the o...

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"Diane's magic lays in the gentle guidance, love and compassion, she brings to each and every session.  She helps me find the strength deep within to face my fears and hard truths that i've been hiding.  An amazing and gifted teacher, she gives me take away lessons that I can...

N. Hanson

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